Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello Kitty Tag and 6x6 page swap

Hello everyone hope everyone had a great weekend! We sure did a long one too!
We took a mini vacation and it was absolutely needed and well deserved we enjoyed it
so much my hubby & I got to spend a whole lot of time with our Nataleigh which was great!
Nataleigh sure enjoyed the attention all to her self we got to go shopping and she was able to
buy a lot of scrapbooking goodies she's very excited about that. I am too because of coarse her mommy needed to get some for her self too... lol. We really enjoyed it and  Jeanelle was  at a confrence with the academy  she attended the Acquire The Fire Christian Confrence and I am glad she did it was a twenty-seven hour conference whit teachings and praise and worship. A life changing experience
which she enjoyed very much and I am thankful for the work that the Lord has done not only with her, but with all the youth that participated in the conference!!!! 

Well another thing I am so excited about Linda's @ scrapchica.blogspot.com blog hop this Saturday the 12th of March. Please don't forget to come and hop with us it will be so much fun :) I sure can't wait. Thanks Linda for letting me participate in this hop :)

On another note I am hosting my first ever swap it's of Hello Kitty one is a tag swap the other is of a 6x6 mini page swap please watch my video on YT for more info on these swaps. Here's a link to my video hope you will join in!

Have a blessed night everyone hope you join us for Linda's hop as well as my swaps X's Alee'


  1. I'm glad to hear your family had a awesome time, the conference your daughter attended sounds like fun. I cant wait for my daughter to attend her first youth conference this summer, it'll be for four days, she's 18 and there's about close to thirty youth members of our church attending. I'm glad I'm not chaparone-ing...LOL !!
    Alee, I'm interested in the Hello Kitty Tag Swap, please send me more info on it 'cuz I'm a little confused, I've only done charms and stickpin swaps, TeeHee So if you choose me, please send me more info on what I have to do.


  2. Norma :) yup she will have a great time my daughter had a wonderful time and it was such a great feeling to see what God has done in her during the conference :)
    The Lord is good!!!
    It will be awesome to have you on the swap :) Norma thanks so much just send me an email or youtube channel so I can send you the info and also let me know on which swap you want to participate in the tag or the 6x6 or both just let me know yay!!!! So excited thanks so much!!!
    Hugs Alee'

  3. YAY!!! I can't wait for this swap Alee'...It's going to be so much fun! Aye Mujer...Gracias, de que! I am so honored your in the blog y La BabyChica too! :) Mucho Abrazos!

  4. Good luck on your first swap girlie... It is going to be a blast... YAY!

  5. Thank u my friends can't wait and am so excited thanks for joining in :) Hugs