Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flower Pick Grab Boxes!

Hi everyone I want to share with you that I have some grab boxes for sale at my ETSY shop the boxes will consist of 30 flower picks and each pick has a minimum
of 4-12 flowers each depending on the size and style of that particular pick. That is a lot of flowers!
All of the picks have never been used and they are  in new condition. They are
from my own flower collection. My collection has gone over control and I need to down size.
For some reason every time I get new flowers for the shop I end up with a few picks of my own
so this has really gotten out of control.... lol!!!! The price of each box is $25 dlls it will include shipping
and delivery confirmation. All grab boxes will vary and are not all the same. The flowers are absolutely
beautiful some have been sold on my shop before and others are still even listed!!!! Take advantage
of this box you will not regret it :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I am in the process of sharing with
you a mini page that I have been working on for a swap. Until then my friends many hugs
and blessings!

Thanks Susi.....

Awwww thanks Susi @ I couldn't believe it when you gave me this awesome award! I really feel blessed to have you as my friend you are one super sweet :) amiga!

Thanks for this awesome award it means so much to me my friend especially coming from you who showed me how to do all this blogging thing! If it weren't for you I would be clueless. I learned from the best! Gracias :) I feel so so happy to get this award!!!

Okay so now I have to share 8 things about me that a lot of people do NOT know! This will be hard cause I'm an open book lol......

1. I was an only child until the age of 23 wow!!!! Now I have an 11 year old sister Jocelyn and a 7 year old brother Alejandro. Whom I completely adore!

2. Hello Kitty is one of my all time favorites if I could I would have everything Hello Kitty, seriously I would, but my hubby wouldn't be so happy!!!

3. My first name drives me crazy and I DO hate it with a passion, but I will not share it because it is a very common name and I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings...... Sorry I can't share it!!!!  Believe me if I could go back to when my parents were naming me I would delete that instant when my parents made that first name decision lol......

4. Puerto Rico is by far my favorite place in the world! If I could live anywhere it would be there. I love everything about it and my hubby hopes to one day retire and move there!!!! Seriously I can't wait!!!!

5. The night I met my husband I was on my last day friend night!  I was to go off to Mexico and marry a fiance I had for almost 2 years yup!!!! Isn't it crazy...? I don't regret it for a thing I do believe in Love at the first sight and definitely destiny. I ended up with an  intelligent, loving,wonderful, extraordinary and blessed man. What could I say...?

6. I have know my best friend for 21 years the funny thing is that I'm exactly 24 hrs older than her.

7. I have studied education, some nursing (not my thing) and fashion design! I love my job as a SAHM much better though :).

8. Jentaleigh is Jen= Jeanelle and  taleigh = Nataleigh so it's part of both of my daughters names in one!

Hope you like the 8 things I have shared with you!

I know have to pass this award of too.....
Hope you ladies will take this award and share with us a bit more about yourself! Have a fun day everyone!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Monday Share........

Hello everyone! Hope this week will be a blessed one for each and everyone
of you! As for me things have started ok still feeling blahhhhhh though :( , for some reason
the antibiotics are not working on me seriously how much more dosage do I need,
I feel so blahhhhhh already it's horrible!!!! I caught my Nataleigh sneezing just hope
she doesn't get sick on me because then everything will be put back for her from her
homeschooling to her crafting! She has told me she wants a blog we will see about
that.... she has been working hard on a little 4x4 page swap that she kinda forced
herself into... lol she's so sweet and adorable! Thanks Susi
for letting her do something for your kiddos :) she's so excited and has been working so hard
on her little pages I will share with you her page once she is done with it :)!

Today I want to share a video I have uploaded to my YT channel I should have done this since
last month. Those of you who know me know I can procrastinate just a bit.... just a little though!
Right Susi and Linda ? So finally here
it is I couldn't procrastinate any longer I had to show everyone my two beautiful gifts from my
friend Jenny @ YT jennymarie99 she has made me two wonderful and stunningly beautiful minis.
One she made for me for Christmas and the other she made for me for my B-day! The Christmas mini
included lots of papers and goodies to add to it THANKS Jenny I loved it and will be adding the pictures
soon :) I so much appreciate you thinking of me and creating this Christmas mini for me!!!! The second
mini she created was her gift for my birthday and OMG it is stunningly gorgeous and so me :) thanks Jenny you are so sweet and such a good friend I <3 ya!! When she uploaded the pics to FB and told me it was for me I was speechless I did not know what to say because it is beautiful! At first I thought it was for Susi but then she told me that she had something else in mind for Susi which you can go and check Susi's gift from Jenny at her blog it's gorgeous too!!!! All I can say is that this mini is even more gorgeous in person, THANKS Jenny you are a sweet heart and you know how much I luv it and will cherish both of these for a life time Thank u Thank u Thank u my friend!!!!! So here is the video see what you think of Jenny's Minis I know you will love them!!!!!

Thank u so so much Jenny for blessing me this way you are truly a sweet sweet friend and I am honored
to have not only one, but two of your beautiful creations! Thank you my friend for blessing me this way
this means so much to me. I pray Lord's blessings all over you and your beautiful family! A million hugs!
To all my sweet blog friends thank you for taking the time and reading my share I appreciate you so much!
Thank you so much for all the get well wishes I have received on here thanks a bunch! Love ya'll and Seriously I have enjoy blogging so much, thanks for making this experience great :) and to my beautiful friend which I totally adore Susi THANK YOU because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have figure all this blogging out!!!! I owe it all to you u the best amiguis!!!!!

Love ya'll!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some lil' stuffed owls.....

Hi everyone, blessed Sunday! Sure hope everyone is doing just great!
Things here are so so so feel horrible and can't sleep; I really hate being sick!
Have been on antibiotics so hopefully that will do and sure hope it's soon!
 Let me share with you a little something that has happened to my daughter
Nataleigh, she has been hit by the owl fever thanks to Susi from
she's the one to blame for this lol.... Just kidding Susi you know we love you! Susi has inspired us to create these little owls.
Anyway my daughter has been so in love with owls ever since she heard Susi talk
about them :) She just loves those little guys and wanted me to make her some stuffed
owls and I did here are some pictures of the first owl I made her, hope you will like it and
leave me a comment. I made the pattern free hand and have used the quilting pre-cut
squares from Hancock Fabrics. I chose this cutesy heart material for the front of the body
and used a coordinating polka-dot pattern for the back. I have also cut and hand stitch a small
heart to put on the back. Felt was used to create the feet and eyes of the little owl as well as
some small buttons.

Hope you will like the little owl, my daughter loved it! She has chosen a very cute owl print
material in the shades of purple which is her favorite color; to decorate her new bedroom. We
will definitely be busy sewing. We? Yes my daughter Nataleigh and I will make everything from
curtains to bedspread. My daughter has been sewing since she was eight, so this will be a fun project
for both of us. Let me share with you now the owl that she has made herself .

Hope you will like it and please show her some love. She will love hearing what you think of her sewing. Nataleigh will soon open her own ETSY shop and will be selling these little owls in all sorts of different materials that she has personally handpicked herself. Which by the way she has a great eye to coordinate her fabrics and I can honestly say she impresses me and I sure feel proud of her.
Thank you for stopping by. Be blessed and please don't forget to leave us a comment :).....

Hugs Alee'

Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Blog Award given to me by Jenn and Debi

Wow, I feel so honored to have received the "Liebster Blog Award" from the oh so talented Jenn and Debi over at and You should definitely take a moment to visit and follow their blog, they're wonderful and extra talented!!! It makes me smile to know others are enjoying my blog. Thanks again, Jenn and Debi ya'll are so sweet!
The Liebster Blog award is given to bring new blogs to light. It's a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen or ones you want to share with others.

As a recipient you must share the love and pay it forward by:
1. Creating a post where you blog about the Liebster award & reveal your 3-5 blog picks
2. Let them know you chose them
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4. Have faith that your followers will rally & show their crafty love back out to those you awarded
5. Have fun!

With that said, it gives me great pleasure to honor 3-5 others to bring






Once again thank you Jenn and Debi

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where has time gone...?

Hope everyone is feeling blessed as I am today! As I was going through some of
my picture files I came across this layout of my daughter Nataleigh I titled it,
"Special Precious You."
As I look back to the day I created this layout; it makes me teary eye and I ask myself,
"Where has time gone...?" It seems it was just yesterday that my  baby girl was
born. I remember that day like if it was yesterday and again I ask myself, "Where has time 
gone...?" I do not know honestly... as I look back to the day I created this layout I remember
telling her that she woke up more beautiful than the day before as she smiled and gave me
the sweetest glance ever I was asking myself, "Where has time gone...?" I honestly do not know 
and I would probably keep asking myself that same question again and again for years to come.
This I know no matter where time has gone... I have been blessed to be a mother to this beautiful
girl. The Lord is gracious and His love endures forever no matter where time has gone! I am blessed
and this has made me realize that this is why I create and why I scrapbook. It is through the grace of
God's spirit that gives me this passion to love and be loved in creativity. My passion to scrapbook 
has to come from the inspiration God has given me through my daughters. It is for them that I 
scrap and even if I ask myself every time, "Where has time gone...?" I now know that they will look
back at every layout and ask themselves, "Where has time gone...?
Items I used to create this layout:

Paper from DCWV
TH Birdcage die
Doilies (Thanks Jenny @jennymarie99 for the doilies)
Fabric flower by:
Paper/Late flowers from my ETSY
Different pearl beads

Thank you so much for stopping by may the Lord bless each and everyone
Blessed night ya'll :)


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day....

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day :) Hope everyone will
have a fun lovely and blessed day with all the ones who you love and hold dear in 
your hearts! As for me & Nataleigh we have a Valentine's date lunch 
with Johnny which will be delish. We will be out enjoying some good
Sea Food and giving Nataleigh her Valentine's Day Gift which is a sweet
Build A Bear Lady Bug  her daddy got her at one of his business trips this
past week. Later on we will be going for a date dinner date with our lovely
Jeanelle. We will be taking her to our fave Chinese Restaurant and giving her;
a sweet gift as well. Her daddy decided to get her the whole season of Glee 
which is one of her fave shows. Her dad also got her a new phone which we
know she will be ecstatic to get. Later on my hubby and I will make it a movie 
night. I guess our day is pretty much set and I can't wait.
Valentine's has to be one of our faves! Hoping to hear your day is lovely and fun!

On another note I do want to share with you that this weekend was fab my friend
Vero & I took the girls out shopping on Saturday for their outfits; for their school's
Valentine's Day Dance which was a bit of a challenge because they have to follow 
a dress code. The girls are excited because for once they do not need to wear their 
uniforms :) . Jeanelle, Ale, and Gabby decided to dress the same and ended up choosing
a very cute outfit. We thought it would be nice to book a, Best Friend's photo session
here is a picture of them and their Valentine's Day outfit.
That's my daughter Jeanelle (sitting on the chair), Ale (standing), and
Gabby (front). What do you think of their first Valentine's Day Dance outfit?

On Another note I want to share with you some pictures of the flowers I created
for Sonja's swap over at YT @ catcrazycreations. This is the first time I join a flower
swap and have had such a fun time doing so. It was my first time making these. 


Circle Punch
MS Butterfly Punch
Cupid Punch
Hot Glue
Valentine Stamps
Strips Of Fabric
Strips Of Tulle 
Sequence Trim
My ETSY Flowers

* I stitched fabric and tulle with a sewing machine

Have a fab Valentine's Day everyone; I know I will. Thanks for your friendship, love
and support. Thank you for stopping by many hugs! Blessings always...... Alee'

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Ready

Hi everyone ;) hope you are having such an awesome crafty week!
As for me been busy with my daughter's homeschooling and also
been planning to go out shopping for my oldest daughter's very 1st
Valentine's Dance (Oh my how does time fly...). This really has both 
my hubby and I nervous; just a weird kinda feeling that she's growing
up :(  it's a good thing though, right?

Besides all that's going on I decided to finally start my blog because
I have joined a blog hop challenge with one of my sweet and dear friends
Linda @ scrapchica :). I am actually clueless as to what to do or where to
start but I'm sure Linda and Susie @ Sillyshysushi will show me the way :)
I'm a bit nervous about the whole blogging thing, but hopefuly I will get the 
hang of it soon!

Another thing that I have been doing is sewing didn't realized how much I miss it.
I have made some cutesy pillows for my daughter and for Susie Once I get the hang of all this posting pictures I willeventually share them with you :) Besides pillows I have been creating handmade flowers
for an upcoming swap over @Catcrazycreations. I am glad I am completely done after
this I will get busy on another swap I have with a dear friend and another two due @karlas001
and the other @ ASO group on Facebook. I love working and crafting under pressure :) lol...

Have a blessed rest of the week everyone! Many many hugs and blessings