Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where has time gone...?

Hope everyone is feeling blessed as I am today! As I was going through some of
my picture files I came across this layout of my daughter Nataleigh I titled it,
"Special Precious You."
As I look back to the day I created this layout; it makes me teary eye and I ask myself,
"Where has time gone...?" It seems it was just yesterday that my  baby girl was
born. I remember that day like if it was yesterday and again I ask myself, "Where has time 
gone...?" I do not know honestly... as I look back to the day I created this layout I remember
telling her that she woke up more beautiful than the day before as she smiled and gave me
the sweetest glance ever I was asking myself, "Where has time gone...?" I honestly do not know 
and I would probably keep asking myself that same question again and again for years to come.
This I know no matter where time has gone... I have been blessed to be a mother to this beautiful
girl. The Lord is gracious and His love endures forever no matter where time has gone! I am blessed
and this has made me realize that this is why I create and why I scrapbook. It is through the grace of
God's spirit that gives me this passion to love and be loved in creativity. My passion to scrapbook 
has to come from the inspiration God has given me through my daughters. It is for them that I 
scrap and even if I ask myself every time, "Where has time gone...?" I now know that they will look
back at every layout and ask themselves, "Where has time gone...?
Items I used to create this layout:

Paper from DCWV
TH Birdcage die
Doilies (Thanks Jenny @jennymarie99 for the doilies)
Fabric flower by:
Paper/Late flowers from my ETSY
Different pearl beads

Thank you so much for stopping by may the Lord bless each and everyone
Blessed night ya'll :)



  1. Beautiful layout Alee'! Thanks for your sharing!...Nancy :o)

  2. It's beautiful Alee"! I know exactly what you mean. My baby turns twenty tomorrow. gasp! Hugs!

  3. Wow, just stunning! TFS, now following :)

  4. Beautiful layout and love the colors. If I had girls that is exactly what, I want make as a project. But I do have 3 wonderful boys. I am a new follower and love to invite you to my blog for a give away. Enter @

  5. Mi amiga, esta precioso! It is a wonderful layout and your baby is growing up so fast. I adore you layout and our gifts from God grow up so fast! We shall treasure the special moments we share with our children. I can't wait to see more of what you have made ami. TQM!

  6. Thank u ladies for stopping by and showing some luv :)
    @Nancy u are so sweet and always encourage me blessings and big hugs <3 ya!
    @Tracy Hope ur baby had a fab B-day Tracy :) they do grow so fast I will be there sooner or latter:)
    @Jenn thanks I'm following u2 now
    @lena going 2 ur blog :) in a bit sure to follow :)
    @Susie gracias ami un abrazo u always have something nice to say!!!! Claro q si aver si pongo mas layouts de las nenas. Tu tambien de los nenes tuyos chica si creccen rapidito!!!

  7. This is absolutely beautiful... Love the color scheme and the simplicity of it all... Love your flowers girlie...I definitely have to place my first order with you... hehe.. Off to become a follower... xxxx

  8. Thanks so much :) this means alot hugs!!!