Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks Susi.....

Awwww thanks Susi @ I couldn't believe it when you gave me this awesome award! I really feel blessed to have you as my friend you are one super sweet :) amiga!

Thanks for this awesome award it means so much to me my friend especially coming from you who showed me how to do all this blogging thing! If it weren't for you I would be clueless. I learned from the best! Gracias :) I feel so so happy to get this award!!!

Okay so now I have to share 8 things about me that a lot of people do NOT know! This will be hard cause I'm an open book lol......

1. I was an only child until the age of 23 wow!!!! Now I have an 11 year old sister Jocelyn and a 7 year old brother Alejandro. Whom I completely adore!

2. Hello Kitty is one of my all time favorites if I could I would have everything Hello Kitty, seriously I would, but my hubby wouldn't be so happy!!!

3. My first name drives me crazy and I DO hate it with a passion, but I will not share it because it is a very common name and I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings...... Sorry I can't share it!!!!  Believe me if I could go back to when my parents were naming me I would delete that instant when my parents made that first name decision lol......

4. Puerto Rico is by far my favorite place in the world! If I could live anywhere it would be there. I love everything about it and my hubby hopes to one day retire and move there!!!! Seriously I can't wait!!!!

5. The night I met my husband I was on my last day friend night!  I was to go off to Mexico and marry a fiance I had for almost 2 years yup!!!! Isn't it crazy...? I don't regret it for a thing I do believe in Love at the first sight and definitely destiny. I ended up with an  intelligent, loving,wonderful, extraordinary and blessed man. What could I say...?

6. I have know my best friend for 21 years the funny thing is that I'm exactly 24 hrs older than her.

7. I have studied education, some nursing (not my thing) and fashion design! I love my job as a SAHM much better though :).

8. Jentaleigh is Jen= Jeanelle and  taleigh = Nataleigh so it's part of both of my daughters names in one!

Hope you like the 8 things I have shared with you!

I know have to pass this award of too.....
Hope you ladies will take this award and share with us a bit more about yourself! Have a fun day everyone!


  1. Aww...Alee' you are so awesome! TQM and I am so so proud of your accomplishment on your blog. I also love your facts! Aye, i feel like I know you so much better! =)

  2. Q linda gracias ami :)
    Creo q sabias casi todo verdad?
    I tell ya I'm an open book... lol
    Abrazos Alee'

  3. Aye Alee'...I love reading the 8 things about you. #5 is Crazy...awww, c'mon...can you tell me your first name...promise I won't tell...i don't really like my middle name that much...thanks for sharing this Alee'! :) Mucho Hugs! :)

  4. Hello Alee'!!!! Aw, Thank you sooo much for the award. You are soooo sweet!!!! It is great to get to know more about you. Much Aloha~ Jes