Monday, February 21, 2011

My Monday Share........

Hello everyone! Hope this week will be a blessed one for each and everyone
of you! As for me things have started ok still feeling blahhhhhh though :( , for some reason
the antibiotics are not working on me seriously how much more dosage do I need,
I feel so blahhhhhh already it's horrible!!!! I caught my Nataleigh sneezing just hope
she doesn't get sick on me because then everything will be put back for her from her
homeschooling to her crafting! She has told me she wants a blog we will see about
that.... she has been working hard on a little 4x4 page swap that she kinda forced
herself into... lol she's so sweet and adorable! Thanks Susi
for letting her do something for your kiddos :) she's so excited and has been working so hard
on her little pages I will share with you her page once she is done with it :)!

Today I want to share a video I have uploaded to my YT channel I should have done this since
last month. Those of you who know me know I can procrastinate just a bit.... just a little though!
Right Susi and Linda ? So finally here
it is I couldn't procrastinate any longer I had to show everyone my two beautiful gifts from my
friend Jenny @ YT jennymarie99 she has made me two wonderful and stunningly beautiful minis.
One she made for me for Christmas and the other she made for me for my B-day! The Christmas mini
included lots of papers and goodies to add to it THANKS Jenny I loved it and will be adding the pictures
soon :) I so much appreciate you thinking of me and creating this Christmas mini for me!!!! The second
mini she created was her gift for my birthday and OMG it is stunningly gorgeous and so me :) thanks Jenny you are so sweet and such a good friend I <3 ya!! When she uploaded the pics to FB and told me it was for me I was speechless I did not know what to say because it is beautiful! At first I thought it was for Susi but then she told me that she had something else in mind for Susi which you can go and check Susi's gift from Jenny at her blog it's gorgeous too!!!! All I can say is that this mini is even more gorgeous in person, THANKS Jenny you are a sweet heart and you know how much I luv it and will cherish both of these for a life time Thank u Thank u Thank u my friend!!!!! So here is the video see what you think of Jenny's Minis I know you will love them!!!!!

Thank u so so much Jenny for blessing me this way you are truly a sweet sweet friend and I am honored
to have not only one, but two of your beautiful creations! Thank you my friend for blessing me this way
this means so much to me. I pray Lord's blessings all over you and your beautiful family! A million hugs!
To all my sweet blog friends thank you for taking the time and reading my share I appreciate you so much!
Thank you so much for all the get well wishes I have received on here thanks a bunch! Love ya'll and Seriously I have enjoy blogging so much, thanks for making this experience great :) and to my beautiful friend which I totally adore Susi THANK YOU because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have figure all this blogging out!!!! I owe it all to you u the best amiguis!!!!!

Love ya'll!


  1. Aye Alee'! I hope you feel better soon! And ponte vicks! Te cuidas ami! feel so special. I told mis kiddos about the page swap and they are all excited now, especially Abby! LOL! Let's see what they end up doing! EEEK! =) I have created a monster! A blog monster! You blog looks so good and I'm so proud of you! You cannnnn do it! TQM Alee! Talks to you soon ami!

  2. Hola Alee' you feeling chica? Do what Susi says...y ponle eso's good...y tambien...drink some, hope you get to feeling better soon. Mucho Abrazos! :)

  3. Gracias mis dos bellas amigas :) Still feeling bad :( thank u guys for caring luv ya and Susi hope u feel better ami y Linda Don't get sick cause CA is soon :) yay!!!!