Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day....

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day :) Hope everyone will
have a fun lovely and blessed day with all the ones who you love and hold dear in 
your hearts! As for me & Nataleigh we have a Valentine's date lunch 
with Johnny which will be delish. We will be out enjoying some good
Sea Food and giving Nataleigh her Valentine's Day Gift which is a sweet
Build A Bear Lady Bug  her daddy got her at one of his business trips this
past week. Later on we will be going for a date dinner date with our lovely
Jeanelle. We will be taking her to our fave Chinese Restaurant and giving her;
a sweet gift as well. Her daddy decided to get her the whole season of Glee 
which is one of her fave shows. Her dad also got her a new phone which we
know she will be ecstatic to get. Later on my hubby and I will make it a movie 
night. I guess our day is pretty much set and I can't wait.
Valentine's has to be one of our faves! Hoping to hear your day is lovely and fun!

On another note I do want to share with you that this weekend was fab my friend
Vero & I took the girls out shopping on Saturday for their outfits; for their school's
Valentine's Day Dance which was a bit of a challenge because they have to follow 
a dress code. The girls are excited because for once they do not need to wear their 
uniforms :) . Jeanelle, Ale, and Gabby decided to dress the same and ended up choosing
a very cute outfit. We thought it would be nice to book a, Best Friend's photo session
here is a picture of them and their Valentine's Day outfit.
That's my daughter Jeanelle (sitting on the chair), Ale (standing), and
Gabby (front). What do you think of their first Valentine's Day Dance outfit?

On Another note I want to share with you some pictures of the flowers I created
for Sonja's swap over at YT @ catcrazycreations. This is the first time I join a flower
swap and have had such a fun time doing so. It was my first time making these. 


Circle Punch
MS Butterfly Punch
Cupid Punch
Hot Glue
Valentine Stamps
Strips Of Fabric
Strips Of Tulle 
Sequence Trim
My ETSY Flowers

* I stitched fabric and tulle with a sewing machine

Have a fab Valentine's Day everyone; I know I will. Thanks for your friendship, love
and support. Thank you for stopping by many hugs! Blessings always...... Alee'


  1. your girls are gorgeous!!! and I looove your flowers. they are beautiful

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Alee'! It sounds like you have a wonderful day of fun planned! I love the cute! Your flowers are really pretty!...Nancy :o)

  3. Happy Dia De San Valentine Alee'! :) Your daughters are too cute for words...and your flowers are Awesome! Big Hugs Amiga! :)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Alee'! The girls look adorable and your flowers are fabulous! Hope you had a wonderful day! xoxoxo my sweet friend!

  5. Happy Valentines Day Alee'...I just love the flowers...the girls picture is awesome! It is going to look so FAB in one of your altered frames!

  6. @ Shar thanks so much you are always sweet to me my friend :) Many hugs hope ur <3 day was awesome!!!!

    @Nancy hope u had a lovely and blessed day my friend loved your project! You always have the best verses :) Hugs Alee'

    @ Tracy Thanks Tracy hope ur <3 day was lovely spent with the ones u love <3 ya my sweet sweet friend!

    @ Linda :) Gracias mi bella ami TQM chica I am actually getting the hang of this lol Susi is a great instructor :)

    @ Sheree hope ur's was happy mine was one of the best ever :) Thanks 4 stopping by and I can't seem to find ur blog do u still have it? X's Alee'

  7. Aye mujer! Happy heart day! I'm glad you had a wonderful day. Your baby girl esta preciosoa! I wub the outfit they chose! So very cute! Y tambien me encantan tus flores! I can't believe I own my very own! You are on a roll girl! TQM Alee! =)

  8. Your flowers are so pretty! TFS! I'm now following you.

  9. Thanks :) Yolie I followed u too!!!
    Hugs Alee'