Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Ready

Hi everyone ;) hope you are having such an awesome crafty week!
As for me been busy with my daughter's homeschooling and also
been planning to go out shopping for my oldest daughter's very 1st
Valentine's Dance (Oh my how does time fly...). This really has both 
my hubby and I nervous; just a weird kinda feeling that she's growing
up :(  it's a good thing though, right?

Besides all that's going on I decided to finally start my blog because
I have joined a blog hop challenge with one of my sweet and dear friends
Linda @ scrapchica :). I am actually clueless as to what to do or where to
start but I'm sure Linda and Susie @ Sillyshysushi will show me the way :)
I'm a bit nervous about the whole blogging thing, but hopefuly I will get the 
hang of it soon!

Another thing that I have been doing is sewing didn't realized how much I miss it.
I have made some cutesy pillows for my daughter and for Susie Once I get the hang of all this posting pictures I willeventually share them with you :) Besides pillows I have been creating handmade flowers
for an upcoming swap over @Catcrazycreations. I am glad I am completely done after
this I will get busy on another swap I have with a dear friend and another two due @karlas001
and the other @ ASO group on Facebook. I love working and crafting under pressure :) lol...

Have a blessed rest of the week everyone! Many many hugs and blessings



  1. Welcome am new at bloging too!!!!
    Love your cards, pretty!!!
    am a new follower...

  2. Oh my goodness! I love love your blog! You did an amazing job and it's the most beautiful blog I have seen here in the blogging world! =D TQM ami!

  3. @ Imogene following u now thanks :)

    @Susie yeah the most beautiful blog because u created it :) Thank u ami TQM tambien un abrazo y muchisimas gracias!

  4. I love your new blog Alee'!
    haha...Great comment from Susi since you already told everyone that she put this blog together! It looks wonderful!I love the music too! I look forward to seeing everything you're up to! Blogging is lots of fun! Have a great weekend!...Nancy :o)

  5. @NickleNook yes Nancy :) she's the bestest if that's even a word lol :) and she has to be one of tghe most true and loyal persons I have ever met. She's so loved by my family & I and she has been a true blessing from the Lord she's such an awesome friend as well as my other YT friends :) It was fun meeting her and the rest of the gals in California :) they are all awesome :) hope to meet you too one day :) Hugs and blessings as always Alee'

  6. YAY! So glad to see you're jumping off into this crazy blogging world. Hold on tight it's a wild but fun ride. I've missed you (my own fault for not keeping in better touch. Huge Hugs to you my sweet friend!

  7. Hi My dear friend!!! Love the Blog!!!

  8. Hello! I love my tag and thank you for taking the time to get me those carts! So much fun! I think you are going to enjoy blogging....I love the colors you chose...nice job girlfriend!

  9. Hey Chica!!!! You did it!!!!! Isn't bloggin fun! You'll get the hang of it in no time! I love the background color on the blog...and you pics are Awesome! Very pretty girly's! Big hugs Amiga!

  10. @ Tracy :) Thanks so much Tracy have missed you too my friend hope everyone is doing good :) Hugs

    @Nancy Gracias ami Susi me lo hiso she's so sweet still trying to get the hang of all of this! Abrazotes chica....

    @Sheree No problem glad u liked the mini page :)

    @ScrapChica Gracias ami :) Susi made this one for me the other was kinda boring lol can't wait for the hop <3 ya!!!!!

  11. Your work is beautiful! I have a little gift for you, just hop on over to my blog - :)