Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Kitty Tag Swap Info and Groups

Hi ladies

So happy all of you could join in the fun of this TAG SWAP of my first ever tag swap :) There are four groups in this swap :) THANKS LADIES :)
I am so excited to be hosting this swap! How can we resist that adorable kitty?
I know she's too cute for words and I am sure if you joined this swap is because you are in my shoes totally in love with this cute kitty which in many cases makes us go back in time and remember a lot of our childhood or present times! I am so excited and can't wait to see everyone's creations thanks for joining in once again!

Here it goes this is a TAG SWAP you are to make 5 tags and keep 1 and send me 4. IF YOU ARE UNABLE FOR ANY REASON ABLE TO PARTICIPATE AT ANY GIVEN TIME DUE TO AN EMERGENCY PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and I will be an angle swapper for that group. These are due to me on or before April 29th, 2011. Mail out day will be May 3, 2011. I will be out on vacation after this time so please try your best to get them to me on or before the due date of April 29th, 2011. Please send a SASE with as much postage that you paid for the ones you are mailing to me PLUS 4 additional postage stamps just in case it's needed if not used I will be sure to include them on the package I will be sending you back I WILL NOT be keeping your postage for any reason :) I will make sure to send the unused stamps back!

Challenge for this swap is:
1. Free use of fabric (ex. but not limited to fabric flowers or bows it's up to you how you or what you would like to create with fabric).
2. It must be bigger than 5" in length
3. Color or style if free of choice :)


Feel Free TO CONTACT ME ON Facebook,  YT: jentaleigh, or my BLOG:

1st Group :)

Vero @ Scrapaholic100 Angelswaped by Alee'
DawnMarie @ Sunnigrrl30 *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Jackie @ scrappinglatina *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Kim @ NrsgGal720  *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Annel @ twinkies1ful Angelswaped by Nataleigh

2nd Group :)

Linda @ scrapchica *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Lynn @ purityfaith700 *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Lyz@ scrapiliciouslife *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Yvette @ DaileyScrapper *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
2tinytreasures @ 2tinytreasures *RECEIVED* Thank U :)

3rd Group:)
Susie @ sillyshysushi *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Jess @ puakalehua *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Nellie @ nellielees *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Norma @ HolyScrap123  *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Lydia @ littlelyds1 *RECEIVED* Thank U :)

4th and last group :)
Loes @ AloesAloes  *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Lisa @ Scrapin2010  *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Jackie @ Creativejackie831 *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Julie @ luvs2stampnscrap *RECEIVED* Thank U :)
Alee' @ jentaleigh *HERE*

ANGEL SWAPERS: Nataleigh @
                                  Alee' @ jentaleigh &
                                  Susi @ sillytshysushi &

Thank you ladies feel free to contact your group members and sub their channels or blogs :) Hope everyone is happy with their groups and remember any questions I'm here :) Hoping this will be a fun fun swap and I am so excited you decided to join in :) means so much. Please respond to this inbox :)

Hugs and Blessings as always :)


  1. You guys are going to have fun! Cant wait to see what you come up with! You are so creative and talented, my friend!

  2. Thanks so much sheree :)
    Have a blessed weekend :)
    X's Alee'

  3. Hi Alee,
    Are you ok? I hope everything is allright! It's been fun working on the Hello Kitty tags... I will sent them to you asap.

    xxx Loes

  4. Hi, it's me again... thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm so excited and I can't hardly wait to see the tags coming my way...
    Miss you too and I hope you'll have more time soon. But most of all I hope you all are allright!

    XXX Loes